i am a sinner who’s probably going to sin again

It’s hard to articulate the loneliness of driving through small towns, communities. They look so warm and inviting. Youre only allowed the vignette, not the real thing. And you’re just floating by. Not belonging. It’s a feeling of admiration. But this place isn’t for you. Nowhere is.

I passed the windmill museum today. And your grandparents house.

Astro Coast til we reach the end, now I’m drowning when it’s you who doesn’t know how to swim.


Humpback Whales (by Christopher.Michel)


Dazed & Confused February 2004, Around the World in a Night by Benjamin Alexander Huseby


Mel’s drive in #osaka #japan (by late night movie)

I pretended to be asleep when you left for work so you would kiss me on the top of my head.

I sprayed a little of your parfum on my hair so I could smell you on the metro ride home. 

I cleaned your apartment because I know you are tired. And so you’ll remember I was there. 


Nobuyoshi Araki


Things I want: A head between my legs, and a burrito in my mouth. 

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frank correa Sequoia’s Lusting Night, 2002